Bachelor and Master Projects

We take on students from the Life Science and Technology, Nanobiology, and Applied Physics programs, and offer projects that we tailor to these specializations. The projects take place in the context of our interdisciplinary research, so this is an aspect that a prospective student should enjoy.

We take on a select number of students in order to provide strong degree of support. In this context, we find that students excel. At present, we have three bachelors students involved in studying different aspects of replication. Masters students with a strong research focus are additionally encouraged to apply.

A general description of what we look for in a student, what we offer in terms in terms of environment, and a description of the projects currently available, can be downloaded here.

To learn more about the projects, interested students may either directly contact the supervisors listed or contact Prof. Nynke Dekker. Please contact us well in advance, as we take on a relatively limited number of students per semester with the goal of training them at the highest level.