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Cover Nature 2007

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Cartoon of RNA molecule in a lathe (J. Lipfert, TU Delft/LMU Munich)

RecA polymerizing on DNA in the freely-orbiting magnetic tweezers (TU Delft / Tremani)

Artistic impression of the magnetic torque tweezers (TU Delft / Tremani)

Image accompanying “Excitability in an optical torque wrench” (TU Delft/Tremani)

Painting of tethered DNA molecules (by Dr. Jacob Kerssemakers, TU Delft)


RNA molecules passing through a nanopore (by Dr. Gary Skinner, TU Delft)

Topoisomerase IB removing supercoils (TU Delft/Tremani)

Slower removal of supercoils by Topoisomerase IB in the presence of inhibitors (TU Delft/Tremani)