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The meters of DNA in eukaryotic organisms are tightly packed into a higher-order structure called chromatin in order to fit in the tiny nucleus. The basic compaction unit of this condensed structure is a DNA-protein complex termed nucleosome which consists of a small piece of DNA wrapped around a core of so-called histone proteins. Besides packaging DNA, nucleosomes also play an essential role in the regulation of important nuclear processes such as transcription, replication and repair by controlling DNA accessibility. In this context nucleosomes are both highly ordered and dynamic as a result from the interplay between different processes such as DNA sequence-dependent positioning, thermal motion, remodeling and histone modifications in forms of different variants or posttranslational modifications. Using magnetic tweezers, we are investigating nucleosome structure and dynamics at single-molecule level.

Researchers currently involved in the project

  • Orkide Ordu
  • Artur Kaczmarczyk


  • John van Noort Lab (Leiden University)
  • Alexandra Lusser Lab (University of Innsbruck Medical School)

Publications specific to this project

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(*=equal contribution)