Lab events

December 2022

At museum Voorlinden, Dec. 16th.

July 2022

At the Art Centre, just before summer vacation.
As above, but student Abbas not shown in this image (he took the picture).

May 2022

Edo introduced most of us to bouldering, which was a lot of fun!

December 2021

Ice games and curling at the Uithof! Here at the end – we all survived!
Simona preparing a curling launch.
Katinka, Zhaowei, and Kaley setting up for curling.
Katinka ice-biking.
Theo ice-biking.
Louis and Kaley battling for their teams!
Edo catching up with Humberto!
Daniel and Humberto concentrated at the start.
Nynke and Xiao trying to manoeuvre their sleds on ice.
Edo and Fiona at the start of the ice-sledding.
Humberto advancing with precision.
Serge about to round the cone.
Belen moving along!

November 2021

Nynke, together with numerous other prize and awards winner, was invited to a luncheon in The Hague hosted by the King and Queen.
We celebrated the Mol Cell paper by Richard, Louis, Belen, and our collaborators with some cake!

February 2021

Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences Ingrid van Engelshoven visits the lab. Here she talks with PhD student Daniel Ramirez Montero and BEP student Vincent Kruit.
Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences Ingrid van Engelshoven visits the lab. Here Nynke gives a presentation.

September 2020

Senior scientist Humberto Sánchez presents at the Dutch Biophysics Meeting, September 2020

December 2019

A Sinterklaas event with a Spanish flavor!

High ropes challenge!

May 2019

A lovely afternoon in the Arts Center Delft, with the added pleasure of meeting the Japanese artist Kouji Ohno.

December 2018

A bouncy football game for Sinterklaas…Great fun!

June 2018

Cell paper celebration! Congratulations to Richard and all other co-authors involved!

December 2017

Sinterklaas event at the Delft Science Centre, where we had lunch and tour the refurbished Beijerinck Lab.

September 2017

BBQ at Nynke’s!

June 2017

Farewell to Mariana and Florian.

December 2016

Cooking workshop!

Spring 2016

Visit to Tylers Museum and outing

December 2015

Sinterklaas presents and poems! A great and successful effort from all our international researchers!

July 2015

A beautiful balloon experience!