Student projects

We are not currently taking on students in our lab at TU Delft. However, TU Delft students interested in carrying out the BEP/MEP projects abroad, with us at the University of Oxford, should feel free to contact us.

Becoming an undergraduate student at the Nynke Dekker Lab

What types of students are we looking for?

How does it feel create knowledge that will change textbooks for the next generation? If you are curious and strongly motivated to generate new knowledge, and willing to learn how to systematically do so, then you are a qualified applicant. With a background in the disciplines of either molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, physics, or informatics, you will have much to contribute to our team-oriented, multidisciplinary studies. You can also simultaneously develop an expertise in another area while working with us. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to develop your own ideas and hypotheses and thereby grow into an independent scientist or professional. As such, you will be accorded equal respect and responsibility to any group member.

How can you find out more about the projects?

We are driven by the idea that science, fun and intellectual freedom are inseparable. Do you want to know in detail about our research and projects, you are welcome to come for a coffee discussion and also take a lab tour! You may directly contact any of the PhD students/postdocs listed on the specific projects below, or e-mail Dr. Belen Solano Hermosilla (Research Manager, b.p.solanohermosilla@[TUD]) or Prof. Nynke Dekker (Group Leader, n.h.dekker@[TUD]) for a more general overview. (@[TUD] must be transcribed as )

What do we offer?

Students are fully integrated into our multidisciplinary teams, gaining a unique experience at the frontier of research. The projects include all aspects of practical lab work, experiments, and analysis. Every student will be guided to grow in his/her planning, experimental, and presentation skills and become independent to a level where he/she can make a real contribution to research at the cutting edge of science, often including a publication in an international scientific journal. Typically we have several students in the group, allowing you to interact with your fellow students scientifically as well as socially. 

When can you start?

You can start at any time of the year. At present, we would love to recruit MEP students who would like to begin at the start of the summer, or at the start of the fall semester. However, BEP students are also welcome. Generally speaking, the lab attracts many students from the Nanobiology program starting in February. If you too would like to start during this period, please contact us well in advance to secure a spot.

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Current open BEP and MEP projects

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DNA replication
Chromatin replication